Top 4 Famous Paintings of The Night Sky

Since the ancient times, humanity has been fascinated by the night sky full of stars. We’ve been excited by the mystery and limitlessness of this distant beautiful world sparkling far beyond our reach. These feelings found their expression in science, technology, literature and of course art. A vast number of artists, impressed by the charm of the dark time, created wonderful starlight night paintings that keep amazing us even though some of them were born centuries ago. Here are the most famous nocturnal canvases you should be aware of.

1. “The Great Comet of 1680 Over Rotterdam” by Lieve Verschuier, 1680.

The painting shows one of the most unbelievable phenomena – the arrival of a comet in the 17th century. The light of the comet was so bright that it was reputedly visible even during the day. We can only imagine how people shown in the picture were excited and at the same time scared by this spectacular sight.

2. “Starry Night Over the Rhone” by Vincent van Gogh, 1888.

Works by Van Gogh are some of the best-known paintings dedicated to the beauty of the night sky. Depicting a night river with a shimmering panorama of the city on the other shore and huge swirling stars overhead, this canvas will strike you with vibrant colors, amazing technique and romantic mood.

3. “Starry Night” by Edvard Munch, 1893.

Creating his works, Munch tried to convey the unfathomable mystery of the night. Unlike Van Gogh, he represents it in deep dark colors, which makes the painting quite frightening but at the same time attractive.

4. “Starlight Night” by Georgia O’Keeffe, 1917.

This unexpected and thought-provoking canvas looks more like a geometric abstraction than a landscape. The inky dark background representing the night sky is filled with bright dots placed at even intervals that symbolize burning stars. Georgia claims she pictured the West’s crystal-clear, dark night skies.

Top 5 Leda And Swan Paintings That Will Strike You

If you like Greek mythology, you might have heard a story about Leda and the Swan. This wasn’t a common bird, thought. According to the legend, Zeus, the head of the Olympus, turned into a beautiful white swan to win Leda’s heart. Thanks to Zeus, the woman gave birth to Helen who became the reason of the Trojan War. This myth is so widely known that it has been repeatedly immortalized in various types of art. There are a great number of Leda and Swan paintings, but only a few of them have remained popular until nowadays. Here are five amazing works of art depicting this scene from the ancient legend.

1. Tile mosaic from the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, Cyprus

This amazing mosaic adorning the temple of love goddess on Cyprus was created almost five centuries ago. The figure of Leda is portrayed with great accuracy. Her graceful, half-naked silhouette is full of femininity and desire. The Swan seems to be undressing her as she is walking away, pulling the edge of her robe with his beak in a seductive foreplay.

2. Leda and The Swan by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was inspired by this legend as well, but his Leda doesn’t look like a Greek woman. She has reddish hair and her silhouette is typical for the Renaissance period. Leda stands amidst a blooming lawn embracing a huge swan that is almost of her height; beside her, we can also see two cherubs born from eggs.

3. Leda and The Swan by Michelangelo

Michelangelo depicts a kiss between Leda and her swan lover. In this painting, the Queen of Sparta has a strong muscular body and doesn’t look too feminine. The Swan’s head is pressed close to Leda’s full, luscious breasts, and her legs are tenderly embracing the bird. In the right corner, you can see an egg from which Leda’s children will be born.

4. Leda and The Swan by Francois Boucher

Francois Boucher was famous for depicting erotic scenes and his interpretation of this myth was no exception. His Leda is lying naked on the couch with her legs widely apart and the Swan is curiously observing her genitals. The interior bears typical traits of European Romanticism; Leda’s complexion, hair and body type is characteristic for the abovementioned period.

5. Leda and The Swan by Paul Cezanne

In this Impressionistic interpretation, Leda is shown as a red-haired woman of contemporary appearance half-lying on a couch. The Swan is biting her arm, and her face seems to express a certain degree of discontent about it. Unusual palette and unique style single this canvas out among those dedicated to the legend about Leda and the Swan.

Cat Paintings in Your Home Decor

There is probably no such person in the world who doesn’t love pets. Our furry friends spend their entire life by our side and remain faithful to us whatever happens. Sometimes they can show even more devotion than people. Today, you can get yourself almost any pet you want, including exotic beasts like snakes, iguanas and even bears. But none of them will give you as much love and tenderness as a cat. These whiskered cuties have been among our favorites since ancient times. We treat them as family members surrounding them with comfort and care and they pay us back with sincere and warm feelings. Is it any wonder cat themes are so popular in interior design? Paintings of our feline companions are available in a vast number of styles. These tips will help you pick proper cat imagery for your wall decor.

  1. Would you prefer a full-size cat portrait or just a face? Depending on the general design of your apartment, both options can look to advantage. You can also choose a painting of several cats – for instance, a group of lovely kittens or two cats sitting on a moonlit roof side by side.
  2. Postures of felines in paintings can also vary. You can pick an image of a sitting, lying or jumping cat. An elegant feline figure in repose will create a calm, cozy ambience in the room while a portrait of a cat playing with a ball of yarn or hunting a butterfly will add more dynamics and charm to your interior design.
  3. Domestic cats may be the sweetest creatures in the world, but you can add an element of primeval freedom and danger to your apartment by decorating it with paintings of wild animals. Hang a picture of tiger, lion, or cheetah to give a new, luxurious ‘sound’ to your room design.
  4. There can never be too many cats! Put up a gallery of feline paintings and photos on your wall to maximize the concentration of cuteness in the room. The pictures can be placed horizontally or vertically, stacked at even or uneven intervals or hung randomly throughout the place.
  5. Cat paintings don’t necessarily have to be traditional. Why don’t you let your imagination fly and choose an image with an unexpected twist? For instance, one where cats are depicted wearing human clothes or doing things that are untypical for them – walking on hind legs, drinking tea, playing music or even kissing!

If you want to fill your home with the atmosphere of romance, Created by amazing modern artist Leonid Afremov, it shows two pretty kitties caught in the rain. However, pouring streams of water don’t bother them, because they are in love and well-hidden under a big umbrella. But the cutest thing about this scene is that one cat kisses the other! The exuberant, colorful style of this canvas won’t leave you indifferent!

Check Out These Crucial Advantages Of Learning Salsa At Top Salsa Tanzen

Creativity and artistic excellence share a unique bond with one another. Creative expressions will help you emote your feelings and give wings to your desire. It’s right here that dance emerges as a unique medium. Irrespective of the tunes, beats, and rhythm, dance can help you express yourself in an innovative manner. With intoxicating music, footsteps, and coordinated moves, dance helps you celebrate and rejoice your entire existence.

When it comes to choosing your dance sessions, you will surely wish to train in a beautiful, expressive, and spectacular style. With a never-seen-before charm, exceptional footwork, and celebratory feel, Salsa dance will prove to be the best option for you.

Apart from being an excellent social dancing style, Salsa dance is an effective way of physical exercising too. You simply can’t ignore the health benefits of Salsa, once you start following the routine. Check out some of the exceptional benefits offered by Salsa dance.

Assessing the health benefits

When it boils down to assessing the advantages of learning Salsa, you will have to take two significant factors into account. Other than the health benefits, you must also consider the social advantages offered by this spectacular dancing style. Catch a glimpse of what it offers!

1.Fighting obesity

Engaging session of Salsa dance promotes weight loss to a great extent. According to medical reports, individuals can lose 5 to 10 calories every minute with a proper Salsa routine. By following targeted and professional Salsa Kurse at the top institutes, individuals can fight obesity like never before.

2.Strengthens muscles

With daily Salsa sessions, you can achieve strong and healthy muscles. The lower moves including those around the abdomen will ensure countless benefits for you. Fast footwork and coordinated moves will strengthen the muscles of quadriceps, calves, core, and hamstrings. Since it is imperative to maintain a certain arm position in Salsa, your arms and elbow muscles will also undergo aggressive workouts.

3.Reduces cholesterol levels

By practicing and hour of Salsa, you can reduce bad cholesterol and promote HDL or good cholesterol. Healthy cholesterol levels lead to a healthy cardiovascular system, which increases your immunity and life span.

While these are some of the essential health benefits, you should also consider the social impacts of learning this spectacular dance form. Salsa is beautiful, elegant, sassy, and awe-inspiring. It will surely boost your personality and help you lead a happy social life.

Social impacts and advantages

So, what happens when you decide to enroll in a pioneering Salsa tanzen and master the art of Salsa dance?

4.A great social life

Even if you are an introvert, Salsa dance will give you the perfect opportunity to open up and mingle with the society. You will emerge as a pleasing, enthusiastic, and interesting person, which happens to be a great boost to your personality.

5.Helps in shedding inhibitions

Dance is the most beautiful and creative way of expressing yourself. If you are learning Salsa, you can simply shed your inhibitions and dance your heart out with your friends!

Parting thoughts

With these unique benefits, Salsa dance offers a complete, exceptional, and unsurpassed experience to individuals.

Visual Aids – An Ideal Solution To Promote Your Business Online!

There is certainly no better way to advertise your company and deliver a message to the targeted market than a visual aid. Visual aid is regarded as one of the most vital ways when it comes to expand a trade on the web. It makes a great sense that you render your business in a favorable light and for doing so; making use of some visual contents is indeed the best way to introduce your brands to the new clients.

More often than not, you don’t get second chance to impress a visitor; all you have to do to impress your potential clients in the first attempt only and that is also for 20 seconds because as per the recent survey, consumers typically spend around 20 seconds to a site before they click to another one. It simply means that you have not enough time to craft that captivating mentality when it comes to win the attention of a new client or customer!

Now when a visual aid plays this much significant role, it is quite obvious that you cannot bear leaving this vital chore on an amateur’s shoulder. Thus, you must consider hiring the help of a corporate video production company to tell a story about your brand in the most captivating way.

Lets’ find out some key benefits of running visual aids on your website…….

  • Through visual contents you can convey your message to the masses in a very impressive and efficient way.
  • If your online trade deals with a wide variety of areas, you might need running a range of videos portraying what you are all about, your principle values and your key philosophies.
  • By telling your story through a series of videos, you can easily connect your customers to your brand.
  • It is something that will draw new customers in as when they look at something visual, they can easily rely on your image and overall ethos.

As we know well that we live in tough economic times where we have strained every nerve to find different solutions to market our businesses but nothing could prove as beneficial as visual ads. By investing in a video ad prudently, you can really bring everything at one place and make the world know about your particular brand. In this way, it is unquestionably imperative to hire a prestigious corporate video production company who can be trusted to improve the overall look and vision of your business. A reputed company such as ‘Sinema Films’ ensures that your business will expand in the long term, through influential and powerful online clips.

Top Choices of Most Likely Questions

It’s likewise vital to ask just one question at one time. Another reason behind popping this question will be to check whether you are a person who establishes goals in daily life. Now, there are many strategies to reply double-edged questions this way. This question intends to assess the way you’ll manage those times. Without further ado, here are a few of the very frequent interview questions.

For those people who have zero problem with that, go ahead. In line with the scenario, you can choose to deal with negative scenario fast and move on to the favourable or prevent the negativity and simply concentrate on the positivity of the near future. Leaving a relationship, nevertheless abusive, is never effortless. The reality is there are those who jump from job to job, which will be simply because they don’t have a good plan to follow. Though some exclusions are located people are inclined by excluding the particular question from the overall score to avoid.

Want to Know More About Most Likely Questions?

You may appear great to the interviewer if it seems that you’ve been doing your’homework’ around the organisation. The interviewer wishes to make certain you’ll be dedicated to the job, not because your expectations aren’t fulfilled again leave. The interviewer might be attempting to ascertain exactly how much you are interested in having the job.

You might be ready to accept some risk to get the appropriate occupation yourself. All our survey reports comprise a topline questionnaire that supplies the precise question wording where the question was asked and sequencing, together with results from today’s poll and previous surveys. There are a lot of steps involved with creating a survey questionnaire.

Most Likely Questions – Is it a Scam?

You may end up making less than that which the position could be worth! Start with talking about the specific position is a good fit for you. Let us say you’re asking for a position that needs a sizable amount of problem.

Okay, in the event you’re trying to find work then you are in luck. That is certainly not only likely to get you out the door should you just want the job because you are looking for a job, but it shows a deficiency of passion for your gain. There are several legitimate reasons for leaving work. It’s, after all, you who’s seeking an appropriate occupation yourself. Let your answer show which you’ve taken the opportunity to do a bit of study, however, do not overwhelm the interviewer, and enable it to be very clear that you need to find out more. The most practical way to enlarge your prospects, undoubtedly, will be to study carefully before the test.

The War Against Most Likely Questions

Individuals possess a natural disposition to wish to be accepted and liked, and this could lead individuals to furnish incorrect answers to questions that manage sensitive subjects. Another aspect that increases the nerve-racking temperament of the interview procedure is the way you’re probably competing with several other applicants for that prized job opening. You can’t leave the impression it does not really matter, that you will accept whatever is offered.

10 Powerful Techniques to Promote Your Film!

You’ve gone through hell to complete your film. Kudos to you! Whether it’s a short or a feature film, now is the time to think about promotion.

The traditional route would involve taking your film on the festival circuit. You may be discouraged to find that your film is one among thousands, now that it seems like everyone with a digital camera is making movies. Your film may have an important message that can change the world, but unless you know how to market it, no one will see your film. Even Star Wars would have been a sleeper without effective promotion.

When I started out as a filmmaker, I quickly realized that I would need to develop ancillary skills, so I formed my media company iTiger Media and started contracting myself out. Soon I was building websites and marketing films for major studios. I learned a lot about what it takes to get your film out there and I want to share some techniques that will help you.

Nothing is worse than bringing your film to life only to see it go nowhere as no one sees it. Not only should your film garner thousands of views, but it should be the springboard that launches your filmmaking career. Because filmmaking is expensive and time consuming, it’s important to get it right! Your goal should be to find an audience while attracting the attention of major Hollywood players! These are some of the powerful techniques I have developed to get your film seen! For more techniques subscribe to my YouTube Channel

  1. Before writing your script, consider the subjects currently trending on social media. Utilizing trending topics-which have a built-in audience-can attact lots of views. Again, take your queue from these topics only if they make sense in the context of your story. Don’t choose trending topics just to get views; use themes that resonate with you and help to fuel your artistic vision.
  2. Create a killer website. Your film website should align with the themes of your film and engage your audience. For example, for my short film “War is a Bitch,” we created a war game to attract views and keep people engaged. Don’t rely on a basic website composed of just a video player.
  3. Create memes with the film website URL superimposed on them. Interesting film stills turned into viral memes could gain you a large following.
  4. Splinter your artwork. Once you’ve created a movie poster for your film, splinter it by creating individual posters for each main character. Additionally, add intriguing captions to give viewers more insight into the characters and their backstories, which will create more interest in the film.
  5. Utilize social media. Create pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and invite influential figures people to like and follow the film. Be sure to include a link back to your website for additional information on your film.
  6. Become a member of several relevant Facebook groups and periodically send your poster, artwork and trailer out to those groups. Schedule your social media posts strategically so you don’t become annoying and lose viewers. Being a regular contributor to these groups will help you remain credible while generating publicity.
  7. Purchase Facebook ads to promote your film. These ads are inexpensive and can be targeted to specific individuals and demographic groups, bringing enormous attention to your film.
  8. Create a press release at each production milestone and distribute it to news outlets. Many major media outlets will not run your press releases, but the key is to keep releasing them. It’s also important to tell the story of the film’s origins and its significance to your life. Everyone loves inspirational stories and movie audiences are no exception.
  9. Upload your film to popular videos sites like YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube is the leader, but don’t discount the other video sites. Be sure to include URLs to your film website and all social media sites. Try posting short clips of the best scenes on Instagram, as they will gain interest and have more potential to go viral.
  10. Create 5×7 postcards and business cards and hand them out at every opportunity. Present an interesting, thematic business card to everyone you meet and take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your film. Active networking is crucial for generating publicity and forming industry relationships.

Bonus Tip: Put your film’s URL and tagline in your email signature. You send thousands of emails each year and each one is an advertising opportunity. Imagine that every person who receives and email from you also clicks the URL and learns about your film?

These are just some of my powerful techniques to promote your film. As a master marketer, I have studied and tested all types of techniques, from NLP selling skills to subliminal/hypnotic techniques. These techniques all work, but it’s important to find the right technique for your film. Lack of attention to marketing during the writing process cripples many filmmakers. Build your audience during the film’s inception to ensure a successful launch. Good luck!

Christmas is Coming 5 Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas For Apartments!

Christmas holidays are always fun and exciting. This is a period when we forget about all our worries and troubles, spend time with family and friends and wait for a miracle just like we used to when we were kids. Home decoration has always been part of this time. It does not matter if you live in a big house or rent a small apartment. There are always a lot of options you can consider to create a true Christmas atmosphere in your living space. After a little work, you’ll be able to enjoy a breathtaking and magical view of your home! Here are a few recommendations to help you along.

1. Go big with color

At first, it may seem that decorating your apartment in one or two colors (usually red and green) is enough. It’s not quite true. Your eyes will get tired of monochrome design very quickly. Therefore, many experts recommend using several colors in your interior decor. Add bright hues of blue, violet, orange and yellow to your Christmas decorations. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

2. Put on some wall paintings

Nowadays using Christmas art paintings (like here( is a very popular method of decorating an apartment. Art paintings will help create a special atmosphere in your room and your creative personality. You can buy them at affordable prices in many online stores. For instance, Christmas art painting ideas by Leonid Afremov will add bright colors to your interior and fill your home with festive mood. This artist is one of the most outstanding representatives of contemporary art whose works are truly amazing and magical.

3. Don’t overdo with the decoration

This is one of the most important points when decorating an apartment on Christmas. Some people tend to put up everything they have in store thinking that the more fancy stuff they use the hipper their place will look. Remember, it’s better to use minimum decor than to turn your apartment into a Christmas shop!

4. Try Christmas pillows

Many people use Christmas pillows as an element of festive decor. They always look beautiful and cozy fitting into any design. Pillows with themed Christmas patterns, including images of Santa Claus and his deer, fir tree branches, bells and snowflakes, will make a fine addition to your festive interior and support the main decor theme in your apartment.

5. Don’t forget about Christmas lights!

Christmas lights and garlands will always be one of the favorite holiday decorations. It’s important to place this decor element correctly, though. Most people hang it on the Christmas tree, but it can also be used to decorate the walls or even the ceiling. You can also successfully place Christmas lights on the furniture. A number of colorful flickering lights will give you an impression of getting inside a fairy tale!

Christmas is a holiday that we celebrate just once a year. Diversify your life by creating a festive atmosphere in your home and have fun enjoying the results of your own work! Different elements of Christmas decor, well-combined and thoughtfully placed throughout your apartment, will give you a wonderful holiday mood and help you celebrate Christmas with style!

10 Basic Watercolor Technical Facts on How to Use

Many people are reluctant when it has to do with the use of watercolors. This is because of the difficulty in controlling it. The fact cannot be denied that watercolor is a medium, which is challenging even to those who have mastered it, but it is economical and easy to get started with it. As you used them on your modeled clay, you will discover that it get easier. Using watercolor on the modeling clay material does not require much. All that is neededis a brush, water, and a paint. It is simple. Whether you have finalized on using watercolors or acrylic paintings as the primary artistic medium, the rewards are great. Drawing books is not a substitute for the primary way of drawing book, which is the use of pencil on paper. The use of pencil on paper is a way of practicing your drawing skills. Nevertheless, drawing books has its benefits in helping children in different ways and building them in track with different information on techniques.

Ten Basic Watercolor Technical Facts on How to Use

  • Watercolors are produced from pigments, which are held together by a gum binder that is water-soluble. The pigments used in the watercolor paint can be synthetic or natural.
  • Watercolors are practically non-toxic and very safe. Nevertheless, to be on the safer side, do not allow it to get to your hands.
  • It dries much lighter when compared to when it is applied. What this means is that the color applied to the canvas will not be of the same color immediately the paint dries out.
  • Watercolors have been in existence for many millennia. It was during the Renaissance that it gained an upsurge popularity.
  • Watercolor can be opaque or transparent. The transparent watercolor allows the light to penetrate into the canvas and reflects them back. This creates a glowing effect. On the other hand, opaque watercolors do not allow much light into them rather bounce off the pigment. This creates a dull and weathered effect.
  • Watercolor comes in pans or tubes. The pans are square of blocks of paints put together in a metal or plastic box. The tubes are easier as you just squirt the paint out. They are easier to mix, create large washes and are cheaper. Most artists make use of the tube.
  • Fugitive watercolor fades quickly. Most watercolor paints that are available are non-fugitive. This means that the color does not fade quickly thereby lasting longer.
  • Watercolor with the same color but different producers might not look the same. If you want to make use of a specific color, ensure you buy such paint from a particular manufacturer. This will enable you to get a consistent color.
  • Since it is water-based, watercolor paint can be unpredictable. When carrying out painting with watercolors, you must learn the basics of controlling the paint. You should allow the paint do its own thing and incorporate this into your painting.
  • Staining has to do with how easy it is t remove the watercolor paint. A staining paint is one that is hard to remove. The make of paint and the make of the support can both affect a paint’s staining.

Film Developing Services – Understand Film Processing Techniques

Film development of photographic processing is something that is basically chemical means by that photographic film or paper is then treated after photographic exposure mainly for producing a negative or also positive image. Photographic processing generally transforms that latest image into a quite visible picture that generally makes it permanent and also renders it insensitive to light. All processes generally based upon the gelatine silver process are indeed quite similar irrespective of the film or also paper’s manufacturer.

Exceptional variation is something that basically incudes some instant films like those made by Polaroid and also thermally developed films. You must keep in your mind that all film developing services generally use a series of chemical baths. Besides, processing especially some development stages generally need very control of temperature, agitation and time.

  • The film tends to be soaked in water to swell the gelatine later and also facilitating the action to the subsequent chemical treatments.
  • The developer should also be able to covert the latent image to macroscopic particles of metallic silver.
  • A stop bath generally dilutes solution of acetic acid or also citric acid, generally halts the action of the developer. Moreover, a rinse with clean water be definitely be then substituted.
  • The fixer then certainly makes image permanent and also light resistant by just dissolving those of remaining silver halide. Moreover a common fixer is generally hypo, especially ammonium thiosulfate.
  • Washing in clean water is something that is quite helpful in removing any remaining fixer. Moreover, residual fixer can corrode the silver image, leading to discolouration.
  • You can easily reduce washing time and then also fixer more completely removed in case of a hypo cleaning agent is used after a complete fixer.
  • Your film tends to rinsed in a complete dilute solution of a non-ionic wetting agent mainly to assist completely uniform drying that can easily remove some drying marks caused by hard water.
  • You can then easily dry your film in a completely dust-free environment and then cut and placed into protective sleeves.
  • Once your film is processed in a proper way, it is then described as negative.

The negative may then be easily printed; the negative is then placed in an enlarger and also then projected into a complete sheet of photographic paper. There are several different techniques that are perfect to be used especially during enlargement process. Dodging and burning are said to be two most important examples of enlargement techniques that are indeed highly famous among a large number of people.